Namibia Itinerary – Two Week, Self Drive
Namibia Itinerary – Two Week, Self Drive

Namibia Itinerary – Two Week, Self Drive

If you’ve ever dreamed of going on a self-drive safari, Namibia is a great destination! There is so much to see and do in this amazing country – it can be hard to craft your own Namibia itinerary from all the choices. If you’re looking for a place to start, let me guide you with a quick rundown of my own Namibia two week itinerary. If you want to read more about my journey in depth – how this exact itinerary turned out – check out my Namibia series!

Two Week Namibia Itinerary

Day 1 – Windhoek

Start in the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. Windhoek is about 28 miles from the Hosea Kutako International Airport and home to many safari truck rentals, like Advanced Car Hire. Pick up your safari vehicle and explore the city, or simply recover from jet lag before you head out of the city.

Day 2 – Head to Etosha Safari Lodge, Just Outside Etosha

Make sure you grab some groceries then leave Windhoek to head north towards Etosha. Allow about 5 to 6 hours to make it to Etosha Safari Lodge. This beautiful lodge is right outside Etosha National Park and will let you rest in luxury while enjoying the Namibian landscapes.

Day 3 – Full Day Inside Etosha, Entrance to East Park

It’s time to enter Etosha National Park! Drive in through the Anderson Gate bright and early! This Namibia Itinerary will allow for an east to west trip through Etosha, to maximize your wildlife viewing. Spend your day on safari while heading to the east to one of the more eastern lodges – I suggest going all the way to Namutoni.

Day 4 – Full Day Inside Etosha, East to Mid Park

Spend today driving from the east side of the park to the middle. Enjoy the amazing wildlife! Spend the night in Halali or Okaukuejo.

Day 5 – Full Day Inside Etosha, Mid to West Park

Enjoy one last day inside Etosha, making your way from mid park to the west. Stay in the popular Dolomite camp or if you are feeling up for it stay at an actual campground at the Olifantsrus campsite!

Day 6 – Exit Etosha, Drive to Grootberg Lodge

It’s time now on your Namibia itinerary to leave Etosha and the north and began to head southwest. It is a long drive to the next large city of Swakopmund, so use this day to drive a portion of it. Stop and rest at the breathtaking Grootberg Lodge and learn about local conservation.

Day 7 – Swakopmund via the Skeleton Coast

Spend the day making your way down the Skeleton Coast from Grootberg Lodge to Swakopmund. This is a long drive so make sure you have plenty of gas in your tanks (yes double tanks!). Enjoy the remoteness and isolation. Make sure you leave early so you can arrive in Swakopmund before its very late.

Day 8 – Swakopmund

This is your first day to really enjoy the beautiful coastal city of Swakopmund. Allow time for an adventure like sandboarding! Spend the rest of your day exploring the city and enjoy some delicious local dinner fare. There is a large German influence here so I suggest trying the German food at least once!

Day 9 – Swakopmund

Spend another day in this beautiful city. Drive to the nearby Walvis Bay and kayak with the seals! Seriously this is a must-do, don’t miss activity with Eco Marine Kayak Tours. Later, return to Swakopmund and enjoy one last night on the town.

Day 10 – Swakopmund to Sossusvlei

It is time on your Namibia itinerary to head south to the beautiful dunes of the Sossusvlei region. This is a major driving day so leave early and allow 5-6 hours. Be careful of your tires! Keep an eye out for Solitaire a more than a gas station stop! Spend the night at the Desert Quiver Camp or another nearby choice.

Day 11 – Explore the Sossusvlei Region

Make the most of your time here by exploring the best of the region. Visit and climb Dune 45. Enjoy the magnificent views. Continue to Deadvlei and enjoy more breathtaking scenery. Spend the night at the Sossusvlei Lodge and enjoy their amazing buffet! Try the game meat if you are brave – warthog, zebra, oryx, and more are available!

Day 12 – Go Out on a High Note – Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Before you leave Sossusvlei to return to Windhoek, book a sunrise hot air balloon ride. It is a splurge but it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy views like you have never seen, a champagne breakfast in the desert, then return to your safari truck and prepare to drive back to Windhoek. It’s a long drive (about 4-5 hours) so leave directly after the balloon ride.

But Wait That’s Only 12 Days!

Yes, you are right – I promised a two week Namibia itinerary and have only provided 12 days. If you are like me, you might need to travel a long way to get to Namibia so use these undefined days to do so. If not, add in extra days at stops of your choice to make this itinerary truly your own! I hope you choose to visit Namibia and I know you will love it if you do!

— Lauren


    1. Lauren

      Absolutely! We loved the ability to control our own journey and how we spent our time. Especially inside Etosha, it is magical to be able to see the wildlife on your own terms. We had no problem driving on our own beyond a flat tire once in Sossusvlei. Because of the remote nature of Namibia, I do recommend a place like Advanced Care Hire that has appropriate trucks (double gas tanks) and safety measures (they track your location and have 24/7 support).

  1. Ooooh My God. I love this post! I didn’t know you could do a self guided safari tour! That’s incredible! This is definitely number one on my bucket list! Such an incredible experience you’ve had with a mixture of luxury accommodation, incredible wildlife & a hot air balloon ride.

    Definitely going to be looking into your guide on how to plan a self drive tour! Thanks for uploading these posts, giving me such wanderlust!

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