Choosing Your Next Vacation
Choosing Your Next Vacation

Choosing Your Next Vacation

If You’re Having Trouble Choosing Your Next Vacation, Start Here

The topic seems a little laughable at first right? Who needs help choosing a vacation? We all want a vacation and we all have bucket lists that run multiple lines long! But some times when we face such a broad question with so many options we can get a little stuck. Everything starts to seem great – or nothing seems exactly right! So, I want to give you a few basic pointers on choosing your next vacation.

Consider your resources and availability

Consider Your Time

If you are like many of us you have a certain amount of time to spend on a vacation. Frequently you will also have a certain window of time in which travel as well. Let this guide you when choosing your next vacation. You may be dying to go on safari but if you only have a few days, it’s probably not worth flying and driving multiple hours to do so.

Consider Weather

Not many people want to visit Arizona in August (so hot!) or Iceland in December – or maybe you love the cold and northern lights. Understand what to expect at your destination(s) of choice and decide if that will make you happy.

Consider Cost

Maybe you are ready to splurge on international airfare or are looking to save a little with a road trip close to home. Maybe you have 6 months to save up or maybe you just NEED to get away for a weekend, ASAP. Not all vacation ideas fit all budgets.

Understand your resources and shape your ideas to work with them as you are choosing your next vacation.

Consider your party

Understand Who You Are Traveling With

Are you looking to travel alone or is it time for a #girls_trip? Traveling with a large group of friends or children? Consider what needs this might present and how your destination choice can affect those needs. For example, resorts or cruises are great for mixed-age groups – there are generally activities for young ones and adults!

Understand What Your Group Wants

We talked about what your group might NEED – like child-friendly activities but also consider what you or your group WANTS when choosing your next vacation. Do you want to spend the whole trip at one location (like a resort) or are you looking for more of a multi-stop trip? Are you a history buff and want to maximize museum availability or are you looking to go off the grid completely? Consider what will get you the most happiness for your resources.

Consider safety and general requirements

Political / Economical / Cultural / Large Scale Safety

When choosing your next vacation review the current environment for each possible destination (I don’t mean the weather this time). In many places, political and economic stability can change quickly. Understand how tourists are viewed at your destination of choice and what is culturally appropriate. Also, understand and consider general requirements like Visas.

Medical and Physical Safety

Again, always research your options when choosing your next vacation. Understand crime rates and what medical services might be available should you need them. Also, understand medical requirements such as vaccines that might be necessary. A great place to start is the government travel advisory website.

Above all, consider what makes you happy when choosing your next vacation

Choosing Your Next Vacation Shouldn’t Be Hard

Life is short – don’t be afraid to chase that dream. Not everyone will understand your burning desire to hike Machu Picchu or drive a motorcycle across the US. You might have to save money for a while or hunt around for bargains. But it is worth it and you can do it! I hope this article has been helpful. Next up if you need help deciding what to pack, check out my article on essentials.

I can’t wait to hear what travels await you!

— Lauren

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