Travel and COVID
Travel and COVID

Travel and COVID

Even if we can’t go, here’s why we should still talk about traveling.

You may have noticed, The Traveler’s Lounge is a pretty new site. In fact, it was born quite recently in the midst of the global pandemic. Why would I want to start a travel blog during a time when I can’t even travel as COVID threatens our world? Well, I believe travel is at the heart of self-care, connectivity, empathy, and imagination. Even if we can’t actively travel – we can still reap these benefits by talking, engaging, and dreaming.

Travel brings us together – so does talking about it

If you are anything like me, it can feel easy to get overwhelmed by the state of the world right now. As humans, we crave connection. COVID tries to strip us of that through literal isolation. We can no longer go dancing with friends to relieve a long week’s worth of stress. Nor can we hop on a plane with our loved ones and jet away from our responsibilities.

But the connection is still possible. Just as you and I are sitting at home, wishing we could go here or do that – so are thousands of others. Thanks to the glories of the internet we don’t have to be miserable alone (or at all). We don’t even have to be stuck! Reach out to others and keep planning that dream getaway! What better time is there to do the hard part of travel – the planning – than when we are grounded?

For every place you are dying to go, there is someone out there on the internet, on Twitter or Instagram, or running a blog, that has been there or even lives there. Use this time during COVID to make connections. Share knowledge with other travelers. Ask questions. Explore your world and share it with others digitally. There’s no need to be lonely.

Travel reminds us who and what we are – curious and caring

COVID is not only isolating but depressing. It is big and scary and threatens our literal lives. It can be easy to turn inward during a time like this – to worry so much we forget to see the worry and fear reflected in others. When we engage with each other and talk about traveling, we open ourselves outward again – regardless of the fear.

When we talk about traveling we are exposing our dreams. We bravely share our bucket list items with each other and we let our imaginations run wild. A lot of our travel inspiration comes from deep feelings and ideas – a desire to trace our history, to break cultural comfort zones, to LIVE. When we talk, write, tweet, etc about travel we remind ourselves who we are. And we see that reflected in others.

We can still live big and care about each other during COVID. Talk about your past travels. Talk about your future plans. Listen and engage with each other. Soon we won’t just be talking about travel – we’ll be right back out there again. And now you might find you have new friends to go with it or visit 🙂 Be safe and digitally travel well friends! If you want to share your plans, feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, or via email at

— Lauren

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