Two Week Iceland Itinerary
Two Week Iceland Itinerary

Two Week Iceland Itinerary

If you’re planning a trip to Iceland but aren’t sure what you should cover beyond Reykjavík and the Blue Lagoon, check out my two week Iceland itinerary for some ideas! This is the real itinerary I followed while in Iceland (a 12 trip) plus some padding for travel days or personalization. All you need is a campervan (I suggest Snail) and a sense of adventure! This itinerary is great when the days are long due to the midnight sun. To see how this itinerary worked out for me personally, check out my Iceland travel series.

Day 1 – Travel Day. Get to Reykjavík

If you’re like me, you may choose to take an overnight flight from your home to Iceland. I find this is better if you are flying more than a few hours, as it makes sleep easier. Once you arrive, make sure to pick up your campervan of choice.

Day 2 – Explore Reykjavík to Start Your Two Week Iceland Itinerary

Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland and there is a lot to explore here! Walk and window shop through the main streets, or stroll along the waterfront (dress warm!). Make sure to enjoy a nice meal – I suggest the soup and bread bowls at Svarta Kaffið. Also, use this time to grab some groceries for your campervan. Get some good rest before you head out onto the Ring Road tomorrow!

Day 3 – Reykjavík to Vik With a Stop at the Blue Lagoon

For your first day on the road as part of your two week Iceland itinerary head to the Blue Lagoon early. I suggest booking the first four-hour time slot of the day – this is when it’s less crowded. Enjoy a wonderful soak in the beautiful lagoon and maybe lunch before you drive onwards to Vik. The drive is about 3 hours – but keep an eye out for stops like Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss along the way! Vik has a nice campsite right inside the town where you will stay for the night – you can’t miss it.


Day 4 – Explore Vik Then Continue on Your Two Week Iceland Itinerary

Wake up early to enjoy Vik! You won’t be staying here tonight so make sure you give yourself enough time to explore. Visit the plane wreckage at Sólheimasandur, take a horseback ride on the black sand beach, and grab some pictures of Vik’s natural beauty!

Leave Vik in the early evening and drive to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. I suggest taking at least a peek at the lagoon once you reach it – after hours it is not crowded at all and you can enjoy it without feeling too crowded. Find a nearby campsite for the night.

Day 5 – Jökulsárlón onto Djúpivogur

Use the morning to complete your experience at Jökulsárlón and Diamond Beach. Once you have had your fill, continue your trip to Höfn. Take a break to stretch your legs here, have lunch, and enjoy this cozy town. Then make your way to Djúpivogur. This town is a hidden gem! Take in the eccentric Gallery Freevilli and the Eggs of Merry Bay. Find a spot at the campsite in town for the night.

Glacier Lagoon
Inside Gallery Freevilli

Day 6 – Djúpivogur to Húsavík via Egilsstaðir

Today, make your way to the northern city of Húsavík. From Djúpivogur it’s about a 4 hour drive but there is plenty to see along the way so get up early! Egilsstaðir is a great stop to pick up supplies or gas. While there you can try to spot the legendary Lagarfljót worm!

You will also pass through the Lake Mývatn region. Keep an eye out for Hverir an area of boiling mud pots that shows off the areas volcanic nature. Arrive at Húsavík at your leisure and use their main campsite for the night. Great food can be found in the town if you want to treat yourself.

Day 7 – Húsavík to Akureyri on Your Two Week Iceland Itinerary

Before you leave Húsavík, spend the morning on a whale watching adventure! Húsavík is a great stop for whale watching and you can walk to the boat from the campsite. I suggest North Sailing for your adventure.

Once you are done whale watching, its time to leave Húsavík and head to Akureyri. The drive is fairly short, but you might want to backtrack just a tad to see the impressive Dettifoss and Krafla. Once you are done find a campsite as close to Akureyri as you’d like.

Day 8 – Akureyri and West Bound

Drive into Akureyri in the morning (keep an eye out for Goðafoss) and spend a few hours enjoying what the beautiful city has to offer! The largest city in the north is welcoming and easy to navigate. With plenty of shops and a beautiful botanical garden there is plenty to see. Make sure to snag a picture with the trolls!

Finish in Akureyri by early afternoon ideally and begin the drive to the west. Your goal should be to get near the Westfjords so that tomorrow you can get to the famous bird cliffs without too long a drive. If you’re up for it you can take a little detour to Kálfshamarsvík where you can find natural basalt columns. Find a good campsite anywhere along the way west for the night (we stayed at Hvammstangi).

Day 9 – The Westfjords and Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs

Today you drive into what is arguably the most remote part of Iceland, the Westfjords. Get an early start as there is a lot of driving to do. Stop into Hólmavík (about 2 hours from Hvammstangi) to visit the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft. Then drive about 4 hours to the Bird Cliffs. Enjoy this natural phenomenon – the westernmost part of Europe and home to millions of birds!

Here you have some options for where to stay, depending on how you want to make your way south. You can drive the way you came and exit the Westfjords via the road. Simply find a site that suits you for the night. Or you can camp near Brjánslækur and plan to take the ferry on Day 10 to the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

Day 10 – Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Make your way to the Snæfellsnes peninsula via ferry or the Ring Road. This is a very scenic area (one which we sadly missed on our trip) with much to see and do! Find the activities that are right for you to enjoy.

Day 11 – The Golden Circle is a Must on Your Two Week Iceland Itinerary

Drive about 3 hours from the Snæfellsnes peninsula to the Golden Circle. This is a route that includes Þingvellir National Park, the waterfall Gullfoss, and Geysir (the first geyser known to Europe according to Wikipedia!). It is easy to see all three attractions during the day. Notice that due to its relative proximity to Reykjavík, it is a bit more crowded. You are on your way back! Camp anywhere nearby at the end of the day.

Day 12, 13 – Return to Reykjavík

Return to Reykjavík – you’ve made it! Spend your last two days enjoying some time in the city or use this time to rework and personalize your journey in other ways (maybe you want to add an extra day in Akureyri or the Westfjords). Your Ring Road adventure is complete!

Day 14 – Head Home

Use this as a travel day to do whatever it is you need to do to get home. Make sure to return your campervan in good condition and bid farewell to Iceland. Until next time!


  1. kmf

    Iceland is one of my top three places to visit…and this looks like the perfect itinerary. I’ve been intrigued by the campervan mode of transportation and lodging so you’ve inspired me to research it more!

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