Traveling in and of itself is amazing, but one of the most exciting things for me is the experiences I get to have along the way. From sandboarding in Namibia, to whale watching in Iceland, to kayaking in bioluminescent waters of Puerto Rico, I have gotten to try some pretty amazing things. Read in depth about some of these experiences here!

Kayaking with Seals

One of the most exciting parts of our Namibia trip was getting the opportunity to go kayaking with seals in Walvis Bay, Namibia. In this(more…)
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Sandboarding in Namibia

My experience with Alter Action Sandboarding while in Swakopmund Do you consider yourself an adventure traveler? Are you someone who likes trying new and exciting(more…)
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!!~ More coming soon! I’m typing as fast as my little hands can! Enjoy some cute seals~!!

Kayaking with seals in Walvis Bay, Namibia!