Five Things to Eat and Drink in Iceland
Five Things to Eat and Drink in Iceland

Five Things to Eat and Drink in Iceland

Iceland is full of delicious food! If you find yourself planning a visit to Reykjavik in the near future or traveling around the ring road and wondering what to eat in Iceland, make sure you check out a few of these options.

Stew served in amazing bread bowls

When we first landed in Iceland we were majorly jet-lagged. Hungry and tired we left our Airbnb determined to enjoy our limited time in Reykjavik before we headed out on the ring road. Walking down Laugavegur we came to a shop named Svarta Kaffið advertising various stew in bread bowls. It smelled so unbelievably delicious and looked like the perfect thing to take the chill off. Lamb stew was a popular item and I opted for that. It was fantastic! Rich and warm with just the right mix of spices. Lamb stew is popular throughout Iceland, and I highly suggest you try it – in a bread bowl if possible!

Make sure you find yourself a delicious bread bowl full of amazing stew when traveling in Iceland.

Lamb lamb and more lamb

Speaking of the lamb from the amazing stew, this meat is widely available and served in a variety of ways throughout Iceland. I was excited to find it was much easier to procure and at a competitive price compared to at home. We enjoyed it a number of times including grilling it in the back of our rental van, but if you are looking for a splurge – dine in at the Blue Lagoon after a nice soak. It’s a truly indulgent experience with delicious flavor set against amazing views.

Icelandic lamb is a great food choice
Add the Blue Lagoon's Lamb to your list of what to eat in Iceland

Fish and chips

Looking for what to eat in Iceland? Definitely fish and chips

This was a fan favorite from my parent’s trip. They very much enjoyed wandering around Reykjavik and found themselves with quite an appetite. They found their way to one popular spot called Reykjavik Chips where they were happily treated to huge amounts of delicious and perfectly battered fish and fresh hot chips. Make sure you stop in on your trip only after working up a big appetite.

Brennivin aka “Black Death”

Brennivin is an unsweetened schnapp and “the original Iceland spirit” as described on the label. If you don’t mind a drink make sure to pick up a small bottle while visiting. I found it a bit strong for my tastes but hey, when in Iceland!

Icelandic "Black Death"

Icelandic Beer (and pizza because…pizza)

If the “Black Death” isn’t your thing but you’re still thirsty, grab a delicious Icelandic beer. On the last day of our trip through Iceland, we settled into our last Airbnb in Reykjavík and started pondering on dinner. We had just finished up an amazing two weeks around the country and wanted to share a good meal and hash over the best parts. We wandered to Eldsmiðjan where we were served a delicious pizza and two ice-cold beers. Einstok is easy to find and easy to drink. Best served with pizza of course 🙂

Iceland beer to wash down some good food!
what to eat in Iceland? Pizza!

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on what to eat in Iceland! Need more food and travel ideas? Check out some of my other Iceland posts or more foodie articles!

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